Dec 1, 2009

Where is the Green Sheep???

On Monday, kor-kor & I headed down to The Forum to catch just one of the many Christmas shows that have been sprouting around the island so far. But not before zooming around in my fave superhero's car! Hee.

It was an interactive play called the Green Sheep, which is based on an Australian kids book.

All of us kids were huddled close in a pen and once the show started, nothing - absolutely nothing - could peel our eyes away from the performers. Not too surprising lah... :P

We were brought along on the journey to look for the Green Sheep with a very clever use of various props & musical instruments, but instead of finding the Green Sheep, we encountered many different kinds of sheep; like the Swing Sheep, Blue Sheep, etc... But where is the Green Sheep leh?

We were also encouraged to interact and touch all the props after the show... and you can bet that we, especially kor-kor, were duly obedient! Haha...

There was even another re-telling session of the story, this time using a giant book.

Kor-kor also tried his hands at the various musical instruments that were used in providing the many sound effects during the show.

It was definitely a very good performance, much better than the usual cartoon characters prancing around on the stage kind. I loved it so much that I asked Daddy when can I see it again! Hee hee...

Oh, and if you are still wondering where was the Green Sheep... it was hiding in this box...

... all fast asleep! :P

Hurry if you do want to catch the play at the Forum, think it ends this Sunday!

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