Dec 3, 2009


It's the school hols now and since Daddy wasn't working on one of the weekdays, he declared that di-di & I would be in for a treat. I could hardly contain my excitement!

Hee hee... Ditto for di-di I guess. :P

We headed down to the Botanical Gardens, and I had only one sole aim - to feed the swans!

Oh, ok ok, the fishes too 'cos they always seem to be hungry ALL the time!

Heng we brought along one full loaf of bread... if not, my beloved swans wouldn't have enough bread to eat!

Erm, actually for me too! Wahahaha....

Yah lor, in keeping up with a habit ever since I was a toddler, I always love to eat the bread too whenever I feed the graceful swans. But di-di would have none of it... better still, more for me! :P

We walked in the Gardens some more after the whole loaf was finished, and then just as we thought that we had to go back for lunch, Daddy brought us to Toys 'R' Us for some window shopping. Yup, it was strictly adhered too alright - only window and no buying. But at least we had great fun in 'testing' out the toys there. Hee hee...

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