Dec 6, 2009

One Hectic Weekend Part 1

As you are reading this now, kor-kor & I have been physically drained out by a jam-packed weekend filled with loads of activities. Not that we minded of course, as we had thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them! Hee hee...

First up - Saturday morning was perfect to pay the Jacob Ballas Garden a long overdue visit. We had not been there for quite some time, and we heard that there were new updates to the playground that is truly meant for us kids. Really ah???

Well, new species of many plants have been added to the sides of the footpath, and interesting signs have also been erected to make the information a little more interesting for us kids.

Oooh... I almost wanted to dig up the peanuts to feed my tummy! Hee hee...

Well, kor-kor did remember the treehouse there... and so, he sprinted quickly across the wobbly bridge with me falling, erm... I meant following close behind.

We simply loved climbing up the treehouse over and over again... Daddy felt tired just by looking at us climbing. :P

Aiyah, 'cos we get to slide down a big orangy slide mah! Wheee...

Kor-kor & I lost count of the number of times we slid down liao... All I knew was that Daddy was calling us that it was time to move on and look at other stuff... like the long hollow trunk that the both of us took turns striking.

It was pretty tough work you know... so it was about time for us to cool down...

YEP, the star attraction of the gardens... well, at least for the both of us - Waterplay!

The red hydrant pumps of last time have been replaced these neon green stumps which spew cooling water upwards; which is a good thing 'cos the pumps were either always not working or were a tad too dangerous for our little fingers.

So it wasn't too difficult to see that we had a great splashing time there! :P

Looks fun eh? Hee.

Good times never last long I tell ya... 'cos it was time to head home. But it was a good thing too, as it started to drizzle after our change of clothes. Well, we have to go back to have an early afternoon nap as we still had a major programme in the evening - Thomas the Tank Engine Show. Live! on stage!

And I can hardly wait.

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