Dec 22, 2009


On Saturday, di-di & I prepared our guts to come face to face with some of the most ferocious animals that once roamed the Earth - Dinosaurs!

Erm, only thing was they were not exactly real lah... but all latex & electronics to make the dinosaurs come to life. Their temporary home is beside the Jurong Bird Park and they will be there til 21 February 2010.

One important note though - neither the tickets nor the website nor the entrance stated that the exhibition was going to be a GUIDED tour - meaning we can't get to roam about and tour the place at our own place. So do go early, if not there might be a pretty looooong queue as they only let batches of people in every 15 minutes or so.

But once in, I was completely in awe of the giant dinosaurs towering above me... and their roars! Let's just say some of their sudden grunts made me jump. Hee.

Oooh... my fave Dino of the moment... the T-Rex!

These days, Daddy need not ask me to take photo with this, take photo with that already... I'm very automatic liao; I see the thing I like, I ask Daddy to snap away! Hahaha...

There quite a lot of species of dinosaurs to see as we were led from cave to cave... some I also never see before leh. Can you name all the dinosaurs below? :P

We heard so many different types of roars that Daddy, di-di & I decided to put on our fiercest face and sound out our mightiest ROAR!

Lucky Mummy didn't drop the camera in shock. Don't worry Mummy, we'll always be here to protect you. :P

One more silly 'finger-on-the-top-of-the-head' pose before we exited the last cave.

Then it was time to get our hands dirty and do what the paleontologists do - excavate some fossils.

Erm, it was a no-brainer actually 'cos the bones were slightly peeking out of the sand even before we started. Hee hee... but we still proceeded to dig away of course. We love digging sand! Especially di-di me think.

And finally... TADAH!

Well, di-di & I quite enjoyed the show while Daddy found it a little disappointing considering it was billed as a mega show. Well, at least the tickets were discounted! Kekeke...

*If you are a Starhub mobile customer, head on down to the roadshow at United Square B1 to purchase your tickets - Adult ticket is $10 (U.P. $13) while the child ticket is $7.50 (U.P. $9). Tickets bought can used for entry on any day til the last date of the show.

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