Dec 23, 2009

EXCLUSIVE!! 4 kids wreck havoc at T3!

SINGAPORE: Changi Airport's Terminal 3 was invaded by 4 kids over the weekend, causing widespread mayhem for the duration they were there.

The 4 terrors, otherwise known as Ash, Timo, Ayd & Beth, had reportedly set their sights on the children's playground at B3 first.

The CheekieTimes had earlier reported that the foursome were all looking forward to give the snowy bouncy castle another go after their earlier outing few weeks back. But as their handlers had revealed exclusively last week, the playground has remained one their weakest spots thus far.

And as these exclusive pictures show, the playground was turned into a free-for-all jumping zone, with the 2 gangleaders, Ash & Timo, showing the way.

The 2 younger ones duly followed up with spiraling twirls of their own.

Speaking to the Times, Daddy of Ash & Ayd shed some light on the four's playing antics.

"These foursome always seem to be energised to the max whenever they get together - maybe the boundless energy is rubbing off one another. Either that, or they must have been sapping away my energy because I feel tired just by looking at them!"

They were later spotted being caged up at an area of the playground, possibly in an attempt to curb their raging energy and calm them down.

But their handlers were acutely aware that the bars would not be able to hold them for long and true enough, the four were then spotted scampering away to the Kids' Corner where a large TV awaited.

Luckily for the 2 mummies, Transformers Animated was showing on Cartoon Network, which gave them ample time to go shopping around. And the Times can reveal that there might possibly be something brewing between the 2 younger ones, as this paparazzi shot shows.

When pressed for a confirmation, Beth simply pouted and shrugged her shoulders. "We are just good friends," she said.

As the foursome took a break and devoured their lunch, the big snowy castle at the Departure level was about to open. And as some bystanders attested, the 4 terrors were seen scurrying up the huge slide as soon as they were let in.

It was business as usual for the 2 gangleaders who showed the way in maneuvering down the steep slide.

The younger monkie was his usual tumbling self though, preferring to roll down like a sack of potatoes.

The 2 older kiddos were kept busy throughout, starting in the first minute when they climbed up the castle and then also pausing briefly in the ball pit.

Then as the time ticked away with less than a minute of playtime to go, the 3 boys were up to their terrorising ticks once more. They were seen converging together on the slide, in an apparent attempt to rumble and tumble down the slide with unbearable shrieks of laughter thrown into the mix.

The only princess of the group, gamely joined in the fracas and she too added a few decibels to the increasing noise level.

With all four descending swiftly to the bottom of the slide and on top one of another, one would expect them to cry out in pain. On the contrary, it clearly was the opposite.

As Ash's & Ayd's Daddy quipped, "Great to see that they're all having fun together. Definitely very Boomz!"

As the signal sounded for the kids to vacate the castle, it was clear that the previous activity drained most of the energy out of the the foursome. But if you thought that was the end of the terror reign, you had better think again.

The Times had earlier been alerted that the four were intending to make the Giant Red Ball decoration as their final destination. The source has revealed that there will be colourful balls and sweets given out by this ball after a medley of Christmas melodies had been played and this, it added, would be more than enough to entice the foursome.

True enough, they made their way to the said location hand-in-hand with all still looking in mighty fine spirits.

It remains to be seen when the foursome will be seen together next. But you can be sure when it happens, the CheekieTimes will be the first to break the story.

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