Dec 30, 2009

Foam Party

Well, this IS a little bit backdated but since we are still within the 12 days of Christmas, the festive season ain't over yet! Hee hee...

Di-di & I were down at Tanglin Mall one night, but the intention was not to go shopping. But rather, Daddy said we were there to do some snow-catching. Erm, more like soapy bubbles catching actually 'cos that was what the white stuff really was.

But it sure looked rather authentic right? :P

The machines there starts churning 'snow' 2 times a night, so since we were slightly early, di-di & I decided to check out the yummy displays first.

The yummy house looked so nice and delicious hor? Even the vintage car was made up of recyclable materials and yes, I was too busy trying to climb into the car to take photos lah. Hee.

The ice cream tower was too cold for my liking as the weather was rather cooling...

Di-di was asking how come the snow was taking so long to come out...

... when suddenly the machines roared into life!

You should have seen the faces of ALL the kids there when the floor started to fill up with clouds of foam!

Soon enough, our legs disappeared into the thick foam... very very fun! Hahaha...

Then, the snow machines started to rain snow on all of us, adding shrieks of delight among all the kids there. Well, and some adults too.

You should have seen the both of us running around like headless monkies, raising our hands high up into the air at the same time. What a sight. :P

Di-di & I had so much fun trying to catch all the falling snow, and before long the last bits of snow fell... leaving us in really wet bottoms.

And that was the slight hiccup - Daddy & Mummy forgot to bring an extra change of bottoms for us. Oopsy.

And so, we made our way home in the car in our underwears. Hee hee hee... so moral of the story is to remember to bring extra sets of underwears next time! Oh, I mean clothings too! :P

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