Dec 29, 2009

Kong-kong's Birthday dinners

Di-di & I went to Playground@East Coast to celebrate Kong-kong's birthday last Thursday, and did we have lots of fun there!

We had yummy claypot rice at Claypotfun and the food is really good there - I had one bowl of rice on top of one bowl of ramen! Hee hee...

Well, staying on the topic of makan, we also had a pre-birthday dinner treat for Kong-kong earlier together with Por-por, Ku-ku & Jie-jie Sherlyn.

And it was STEAMBOAT! Another one of my fave foods, beside sushi & pizza of course. We went to this relatively ulu place called Fat Fish. It's off Sembawang, and along Old Nelson Road.

Ulu means good, 'cos it meant that we get lots of space to run around, do silly things, work up an appetite and keep ourselves busy til the food is ready!

Chirpy monkies we both are huh?

Finally, the food was ready and I had to madly scramble back to our table 'cos I didn't want to miss out on dumping, I mean, gently placing the food into the steamboat for cooking.

Obviously di-di wouldn't pass up the chance to copy me too. :P

2 kinds of broth available - chicken & tom yam. No prizes for guessing which one I didn't dare to touch!

Di-di was indulging in his fave prawns & crabsticks, while I put the chicken & fish meats on the top of my priority list. Carbo? Nah, that only fills us up way toooo fast. Hahaha...

I think all of us finished our yummy dinner with tummies protruding conspicuously. Hee hee...

No wonder di-di want to exercise lah!

But it's really a quaint place for a nice steamboat; the food's pretty good with the prawns being so fresh that I half-expected them to plonk themselves into the steamboat on their own. Heh. The fish was pretty fresh as well; and coupled with such a breezy surroundings as we makan, looks like we'll be back again very soon! :)

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