Dec 7, 2009

One Hectic Weekend Part 2

After our fun session at Jacob Ballas on Saturday, we had to go home for an early afternoon nap... all because di-di & I were going to catch Thomas & Friends LIVE! on stage. Woohoo! And to top it off, we were going to watch it with my best buddy, Timothy & his mei-mei, Bethany.

Notice that each one of us were clutching a train toy each? Hee hee... I was holding onto Percy while Timothy brought along Thomas - the 2 inseparable duo. And I mean both the trains & us! Hahaha...

With the 2 older brothers lost in their own world and chatting away, the 2 younger siblings had each other for company. And look, di-di is one fast worker hor? Wahaha...

They look so cute together, don't you think?

As we were still early, it was perhaps appropriate that there was a playground nearby and of course it made perfect sense for us to kill some time there. Hee.

And because our parents didn't want us to perspire and stink up the whole indoor stadium, we had to cool ourselves down while waiting for the doors to open.

And this was when di-di made his move!


Getting closer... and closer....

It turned out that di-di just wanted to smell the fake flower on Bethany's hair! Hur hur hur... What? Were you thinking otherwise? :P

Finally! The doors opened to let us in to enjoy the air con... and also to take some more photos lah.

Daddy had managed to score some front row seats for us! So all the boys sat in front while the girls were 3 rows behind. Daddy kio tio lor... Can see Thomas so close together with us... kekeke...

As the show was about to start, some of the performers such as the drivers & engineers came down from stage to mingle with us. And obviously, all 3 of us looked too starstruck!

And with that, the Fat Controller kicked off the show with the all-familiar Thomas theme song...

And you can bet your last cinders & ashes that we dutifully followed whatever actions the Fat Controller asked us to do.

Thomas finally made his grand entrance, sending di-di & Timothy into delirium!

While I was equally delirious when Percy roller out... heh.

We sat motionless for the next 30 minutes or so, with our eyes transfixed on stage. It was only at the interval that we all remembered we had to go to the toilet! And that we were all craving for munchies too!

So no choice - Daddy had to go buy a box of Pocky at a blood-sucking price of $2.50! :P Well, at least the 3 of us walloped everything, with even time to spare before the second part of the show came on.

As for the show, what can I say? We totally enjoyed it! We even got down onto the floor and pranced round in front of the stage towards the finale. Well, the bits of confetti floating in the air helped too lah. Hee hee...

Even Daddy & Mummy enjoyed the show too - it was much better than the other one we went about 2 years back. This show has more elaborate props and nicer songs... oh, and Harold made an appearance too! Now if only Transformers would have a show like that... like that confirm can jio Timothy again! Hah!

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