Dec 9, 2009

One Hectic Weekend Part 3

Last Sunday was Day 2 of our hectic weekend, with the Standard Chartered Marathon being the first of two events for the day. This was di-di's & my first time taking part in the Kids Dash segment, although we had previously taken part in Cold Storage Kids Run.

Looks like di-di is all ready and raring to go huh... hee hee...

The distance for the previous run we took part in was 700m, and this time it was just a little bit more at 750m. Confirm no sweat for me lah! :P

We had running buddies this time around, as Brandon & his mei-mei, Kaylene, also took part in the run. Wah, so fun!

The wait at the starting line was pretty boring... luckily Mummy got sweets for us to chew away, and also to maybe tune up our boosters? Haha...

And once the air horn sounded, I was off like the wind; swiftly side-stepping the other kiddos and leaving Mummy way behind....

Daddy smart lor... he chose to chaperon di-di who was initially quite fast too - for the first 300m, and then his tire punctured and had to slow down to a jogging pace.

And all these while, Mummy was trying her very best to keep up with me... some bystanders even started cheering, " Go MUMMY Go! Go MUMMY Go!"


And when I crossed the Finish line, I wasn't even panting... erm, unlike Mummy.

Di-di, on the other hand, completed the race all on his own too! Which somewhat surprised Daddy 'cos he was expecting di-di to ask to be carried mid-way through the run. So good job, di-di! HOORAY!

Brandon ran a beautiful run too, and together we were all winners!

So, off to collect our medals... :)

See, we were so tired and thirsty liao... still had to pose for photos.

Ok, one final pose with my medal before replenishing my fluids.

The run was definitely very fun, and I requested Daddy to sign me up for some more races next year. Heh. And since running works up an appetite, it was appropriate that it was time for our second event of the day - Ye-ye's Birthday lunch!

Yet more candles for us to snuff out once again! Hee hee...

Di-di was in a highly cheekie mood lor - see his expressions when Daddy asked him to smile for the camera?

Yes yes, I know I wasn't paying too much attention to Daddy too. I was just being helpful to remove the candles from the cake wor...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ye-ye! Hope you enjoyed the lunch!

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