Dec 11, 2009

Play & Listen


Earlier in the week, Daddy & Mummy took leave to bring us out for a day of fun since it was the school holidays after all. Hee hee... And when the decision-making came down to kor-kor & me, we unanimously agreed on Polliwogs!

See how kor-kor was filled with glee the moment we stepped inside? Hahaha... Can't blame him, I was also raring to go, erm... jump into the ball pit!

Yup, we haven't been back for quite some time and I don't think it was too difficult to tell lah. :P

We sure enjoyed ourselves for the full morning that we were there; slides, ball cannons, tunnels, ball pits - we were so deeply immersed in playing that no wonder Daddy & Mummy could peacefully read the papers & drink kopi.

Lunchtime was even pushed back slightly so that we could continue to wreck havoc inside - hmmm, that must have been our lucky day! Heh.



And today, kor-kor & I finally got to go to the SSO Babies Prom at the Victoria Concert Hall. Daddy said the tickets are real hotcakes, with the weekend tickets being snapped up before they are even released to the general public. Wah! So in the end, we had to settle for a weekday show, and at lunchtime. Hope the growl from our tummies wouldn't mask the orchestra's music! :P

The setting was extremely informal inside the concert hall; all kids were encouraged to clap along, do funny actions & wave our finger in the air as if we were conducting the orchestra. It also helped that the music that was played were all familiar classical pieces. Naturally kor-kor & I were very participative lah!

At the end of the performance, all kids (sorry, Daddy! :P) were invited up onto the stage to mingle with the members of the orchestra, and also to get really close to the many instruments that we heard just now.

And thanks to the Little Einsteins, kor-kor & I were able to recognize most of them. Quincy must have been so proud of us! Hee hee...

Overall, it's a worthwhile show to go to... and now Mummy says that since she missed out on all the fun, she wants all of us to go again next year! Wahaha... I see no reason to argue with that. :D

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