Dec 15, 2009

To the airport?

Over the weekend, Daddy & Mummy got di-di's & my hopes sky high when they said we were all going to Changi Airport. But we didn't lug along any luggage leh.

It was a surprise, Daddy said.

And when we reached Terminal 3 at the airport, a huge castle loomed right in front of us.

My eyes nearly popped out when I saw the size of that thing. And my mouth broke into a cheekie grin when I realised that this castle was made for bouncing, and sliding! Woohoo!

No wonder di-di had to go rehearse on the playground slide first.

Only a limited number of kids are allowed on the bouncy castle at any one time, and we are allowed on it for only 15 minutes, before the next group of kids come on.

Although 15 minutes was never ever going to be enough for us monkies, it was still very fun for us kids there as the castle had a ball pit, with loads of colourful balls...

But the main highlight of the castle has to be the steep snowy slide of course!

It was a high climb up to the top of the castle, and from the other side it was then a whizzing slide down! So very FUN!!!

Di-di & I then started to slide down together... and boy, was it a rough tumbling ride downwards!

Hahaha... erm, looks fun doesn't it? Hee hee... We tumbled down so many times that Daddy had lost count. But each time we reached the mat below, we were all smiles lor. :P

15 minutes flew by just like that, and we then headed for our lunch first before catching sight of a ball. A red ball. A huge red ball.


Yah, I wasn't smiling very nicely... maybe I was afraid the ball would lose its balance and squash me flat. Heh.

Errr, actually 'cos I was kancheong that I would miss the opening of the ball...

... to reveal many other smaller colourful balls with music playing in the background. And when the music stopped, tiny colourful balls start falling out... together with sweets!

And if you go slightly earlier to register, you can have the opportunity to pick out the correct colour ball in exchange of a prize! Daddy heard that someone won an OSIM shoulder massager! Wah... but we didn't register lah, 'cos we only found out about it when the tiny balls start falling out. :P

Hmmm... maybe we should head back to the airport again this weekend then. Hahaha...

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