Feb 24, 2010

CNY Weekend Fun

Last weekend was one hectic but so very fun one for di-di & me! Apart from our usual arts & swimming classes, di-di & I got to meet up with our best buddies over 2 consecutive days... no wonder by the time Sunday night came around, I fell asleep less than 10 seconds upon hitting my bed. :P

And so first up, we met up with Timothy & his mei-mei, Bethany, at Polliwogs on Saturday afternoon!

Maybe all the kids were still out somewhere collecting angpows, 'cos it wasn't too crowded.

Which was a good thing, 'cos it gave us plenty of room to run wild, have fun and monkie all over the place! Hee hee...

And if that wasn't enough, Daddy's & Mummy's friends came over to our place for lunch on Sunday...

And so too did my other best buddy, Benji! Along with 2 other princesses of the group - Sarah & Clara. :)

Us kids had our own table all to ourselves to eat and chatter... while the adults, once again, had all the fun by tossing the Chinese salad high up into the air.

We finished up our food rather quickly I must say, all because we were promised ONE thing after that.


Wahahaha... you can probably tell that we had so much fun lah... especially coming down the water slide together like a train. Heh.

Needless to say, I refused my afternoon nap lah. Which explains the record knockout time later that night. :P

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