Feb 22, 2010

Universal Studios Preview

Dady & Mummy brought di-di & me to the new Universal Studios theme park on Sentosa, and did we enjoy ourselves lots!

Well, the rides are not in operation yet as it was only meant to be a preview session. But there were lots of other sights and sounds to attract us along our journey into the theme park.

The merchandise stores and restaurants are fully operational though... and as we strolled down the street of Hollywood, we bumped into a few interesting characters, like erm... Mr. Frankie.

Po the Kung Fu Panda was also there to welcome us...

We then caught sight of some African animals in the distance...


There was going to be a LIVE street performance by the Madagascar characters later... so we hurriedly progressed to other parts of the park first.

And it sure looked like we had better be quiet as we approached our next destination...

Hmmm, I wonder who lives in this swamp house?

It was of course, Shrek & his Princess Fiona lah! Hee hee... but Shrek didn't scare us away. :P

Shrek suggested we make a trip to Far Far Away to pay his castle a visit... and luckily for Daddy, it was quite nearby. Hence no never-ending are-we-there-yet's from di-di & me. Hahaha...

The castle looked pretty impressive! And when the park is officially opened, we could enter it to hop onto a 4-D adventure ride with Shrek & gang. Cool!

There was also the fast food outlet - Friar's, just like in the movie. Too bad they weren't giving out any axes with their medieval meal though. :P

We then entered the Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop, which houses the merchandise store, as well as a kiddie ride - the Magic Potion Spin.

It's like a mini Ferris Wheel for kids... and I already told Daddy that I want to chope my seat on the ride when it is opened. Hee.

And as we departed the Land of Far Far Away, we made our way to...

... The Lost World!

Where we encountered a big T-Rex sighting!

Di-di obviously was trying to befriend it by mimicking its roar.

While I was a little too stunned to move.

But we soon realised the dinosaurs were pretty harmless... and you know what happens when there's water around...

We have lots of fun splashing! Kekeke...

The rides in Jurassic Park looked pretty interesting... definitely another must-sit reminder in my list.

As we stomped along, we stumbled onto some dinosaur eggs...

The Lost World also houses the Waterworld attraction - a LIVE water stunt show that promises lots of thrills & explosions.

You think Daddy was trying to see if he can audition for a role in the show?


We then made our way back to Madagascar, where the performance was going to start soon.

All of them sure like to move it move it...

We were so famished by the time the show ended, and with our $10 admission tickets, we could exchange it for a set meal at any of the restaurants there. And since I got to make the call, I chose Pizza & Pasta for dinner! YUM!

The sky had turned dark by the time we were done... this time we roamed the streets of New York as we continued our journey around the park.

There was an ongoing street dance performance, where some people were performing break-dancing... and di-di & I gamely went up to join in the fun!

Check out di-di's outrageous moves! :P

Not bad eh? Hahaha...

Next up was Sci-fi City and Daddy said a brand new Transformers ride was going to be constructed and opened next year. Ooh, I can't wait!

but for now, there's the world’s tallest pair of duelling roller-coasters for the thrill-seekers. That would automatically exclude Mummy. Hee hee...

The roller-coaster carriages were zipping along the tracks when we were there, and boy, it sure does look exciting. There are 2 tracks (red & blue) – Human or Cylon. The Cylon one is a suspended roller coaster that runs through vertical loops, cork screws and cobra rolls. The Human one is a seated roller coaster that zooms at 90km/h and propels fourteen storeys into the air. Phew!

We then entered the final zone of the park - Ancient Egypt.

Where we spotted a MUMMY!

NOT! Hahaha... corny I know. :P

Soon it was time to go home... and as we made our way out, we bade farewell to Shrek's castle...

... as well as to pick up a memento each for di-di & me! Heh.

A T-Rex cap for me & Gingie for di-di. :)

And look who was there to send us off!

Woody! Well, not that I was very familiar with him lah... but Daddy was!

The rest of the theme park staff were there too; lining the street near the exit to wave goodbye to all of us.

We had spent close to 4 hours there, and this was despite the fact that we didn't even go on any rides. No doubt the theme park IS small when compared to the other Universal Studios around the world.

But we did enjoy our time there tremendously and we'll definitely pay it another visit when it opens officially.

Hopefully it'll be really soon!

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