Feb 5, 2010

Jen-ting, Gern-ting. Fun-thing! Part 1

And so, the belated report of our Genting trip last weekend. Hee...

After slightly more than a year since we had last scaled the heights of Genting, it was time for a trip back to the Highlands to get reunited with the cold (read: shiok!) weather, together with Kong-kong, Por-por, Ku-ku & Jie-jie Sherlyn.

And boy, did we miss the place!

Well, di-di & I especially missed all the rides to be honest and it was no surprise that we clamored to go onto all the wonderful rides the moment we set foot in the Indoor shopping mall.

The last time di-di was here, he was still a tad too young to sit some of the rides, and also to form any opinions of his own. This time around, he was raring to go on ALL the rides with me and even threw in a few suggestions of his own regarding which rides to take!

Like the bumper car ride lor... which we went on a total of SIX times!

I was the chief driver throughout all the rides, with di-di assuming the role of the backseat driver cum loudhailer. Why ah? 'Cos he was shouting on the top of his voice, telling all the other cars to back off and not hit us! Hahaha...

It was with a tinge of reluctance that we finally adjourned to our room for a good night's sleep... and as soon as we awoke the next morning to find ourselves high up in the clouds...

Di-di & I naturally wanted to PLAY once again... this time to the Outdoor Theme Park!

Of course both of us happy like bird lah...

We headed straight to Dinosaurland to pay the dinosaurs a visit via boat first, before stumbling onto what else, bumper cars. Again!!!

I think I must have bumped around for the longest time 'cos there were no other kids around... hahaha... so long until we requested to come out! :P

Well, of course we had a motive to leave the bumper cars... it was onwards to the other rides!

We spun the cup.

We yoyo-ed.

We flew the plane.

We even sat on Dumbo & his band of colourful brothers.

All good in a day's work! Hee hee...

We even found time to wind down (a bit) at the erm... playground. WAHAHAHA...

Yah lor, non-stop fun for us... but the fun finally came to an end when we made a last stop at the chocolate shop.

We then headed for a late lunch and back to our room to recharge our batteries... and when we woke up, it was already time for dinner!

There is a mushroom farm just nearby the Genting Resort and it serves good zichar food!

Good food definitely makes both of us really happy! Hee hee...

The food was really good, especially the steamed fish which was super duper fresh!!! Even Mummy, who isn't a fish person, absolutely loves it! So it must be really good lah. Heh.

Then the mandatory photo-takings after dinner before we went back to the Indoor Theme park for more, you guessed it, rides and especially Bumper cars!

One whole day of fun passed by so fast, and it was soon time to head back home the next day... but at least there was strawberry picking (my fave!) to look forward to!

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