Feb 6, 2010

Jen-ting, Gern-ting. Fun-thing! Part 2

Ok, after kor-kor's turn, it's now my turn to file my report for Genting!

We woke up on a Sunday morning to find a mistier than usual Genting Highlands... it was as if we were in some magical fantasy place. Even as when we checked out and were preparing to head down, the whole place was still rather blurry... I like! Hee.

On the way down, we decided to stop by the Genting Strawberry Farm where we could try our hands at strawberry picking.

Sounds really fun to me and kor-kor! So after we collected our baskets, off we went to pick some ripe strawberries! I hope we don't scare the strawberries. :P

It sure was fun to walk among the many strawberries and deciding which ones to pick!

Kor-kor, on the other hand, was just plucking whatever ripe strawberries he could see... that kancheong spider! Hahaha...

As for me, I only pick the best ones lor! :P

And here was my loot!

I was only too eager to try one strawberry... but of course I had to wash it first before I can enjoy it...

Kor-kor the Farmer was mighty pleased with his haul as well.

While I immediately bit into one strawberry as sson as I pestered Daddy enough times to wash it for me. Heh.

There is a Flower Farm and a Mushroom Farm beside the Strawberry Farm as well, so of course we popped by to see how the mushrooms that we eat were grown...

I wasn't too interested in the mushrooms though, but kor-kor sure was 'cos he was so busy photographing those fungi.

And as we drove our way home, we had to make a mandatory stop im Malacca for a late lunch (YUM!), as well as to stock up on Chinese New Year goodies (DOUBLE YUM!)!!!

This shot of tantalizing pineapple tarts were taken by kor-kor you know... it's pretty good hor? :)

And with our tummies filled, and our car boot full, we headed back home... thoroughly enjoying our short trip up in the clouds.


when we going back again har?

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