Feb 16, 2010

Year of the Tigger - CNY Day 2

Day 2 of the Tiger year, and the feasting just doesn't stop!

Kor-kor & I are really amazed that the adults can go from house-to-house and eat-and-eat. No wonder 'eat' & 'fat' are only differentiated by one letter lor. Hee hee... :P

Anyway, with feasting & merry-making comes along the opportunities for lots of photo-taking too...

And luckily, both kor-kor & I were in an extremely obliging mood.

As per all past CNY, we made our bai nian rounds to our granduncles' & granaunties' houses.

And for the second time in 2 days, we got to lo hei once more! Oooh... fun fun fun!

And when night time came, it was little surprise that the both of us were absolutely drained... hee hee... oh, and so too were some of Daddy's cousins who took turns to play and look after us. They remarked that they were so tired after playing with us! HAHAHAHA!

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