Mar 31, 2010

Animal King

Animal Kaiser anyone? Hee hee...

See how fully focused di-di was when playing this game? :P

It's an arcade game whereby animals are pit against one another and you basically get to collect animal or special power cards after each game... so obviously there are collectible cards with high power animals which one may get if he is lucky.

I also absolutely love this game... but as a rule of thumb, we get to play this only in Malaysia, or in Jusco at Tebrau City to be exact. Daddy says it's waaaaay cheaper there - RM3 per game compared to the exhorbitant S$2 per game in Singapore.

Well, we aren't addicts lah... so as long as we get to play once in a while, di-di & I are quite easily satisfied.

If only Daddy would quit taking photos, and allow us to get back to our game... we have an epic battle on our hands you know! :P

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