Apr 3, 2010

Jurong East Swimming Complex

You know, if there is just only one thing that di-di & I absolutely love doing and that would be swimming!

Both of us monkies simply love to play when it comes to water, and when Daddy & Mummy announced that we were going to check out the Jurong East Swimming Complex, we were both naturally thrilled to bits.

We had been wanting to go there everytime when we drive past the complex, 'cos it just looks so fun with all the winding slides from afar. And yep, finally, di-di & I had the chance to create havoc in the swimming complex... with the children's pool being targeted first. Hee.

There's also this huge wave pool, where artificial waves are simulated to bob us up and down...

Obviously, we enjoyed it lots! :P

And when the waves died down, we were off to join in the river channel on our floats and let the currents carry us around the swim complex.

I also forgot how many rounds we went already... hahahaha...

All we knew was when we were done with that, we were back at the wave pool to challenge the waves. Again.

Well, of course we had a short snack break, and erm a toilet break too. Hee hee...

All in all, a great day out at the pools... though it was a pity we couldn't go onto the monstrous winding slides 'cos the minimum height was 1.2m. But no matter, it just gives us a good reason to head on back again next time! Hahahaha...

And as added bonus, KFC & Pizza Hut are both strategically located beside the pools, so yes, I got to enjoy my fave pizza while di-di savoured his drumstick. Yums!!!

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