Mar 19, 2010

Redang Tanning Part 1

Last Thursday marked the beginning of our long tanning session at Pulau Redang, which of course delighted di-di & me to no end. Hee hee... But first, there was the small matter of getting there.

And all thanks to Firefly Airlines, we did not have to make the long drive up north to Terengganu!

We spent the first night in the town of Kuala Terengganu as most of the ferries departing for Redang leave in the morning. Which was no problem for us monkies... 'cos our hotel had a magnificent view of the sea too.

After our lunch & afternoon nap, we explored the surrounding town area where we stumbled onto a pasar malam.

Next morning soon came, and we made our to catch our ferry!

My oh my... the sea was exceptionally choppy on our journey there. Luckily di-di & I slept through all the way. Heh.

And when we finally reached Laguna Redang Resort, it was all worth it!

And being us, we absolutely wasted no time in getting dressed for swimming! Hee hee...

WOOHOO! Any surprise that the pool was definitely one of our fave places in the resort?

And to top off our first evening there, we hit the beach after we got out of the pool.

Already Mummy was thinking of how shiok it would be to lie on the beach chairs and while her time away by reading her fave novels... Well, she didn't have to wait for long, 'cos the next day of sunshine, sea & sand was soon upon us!

Strangely enough, the sun was scorching hot but it was so much bearable than the nheat in Singapore... probably because it wasn't so humid in Redang.

We were only too anxious to finish our breakfast, because we were too eager to hit the you-know-what. :P


And when we needed respite from Mr. Sun, it was just as nice to lie in a hammock, under the shade of the coconut trees.

Erm, or to cool it all off by leaping into the pool. Again.


Oh, and there's this colourful building that's supposed to be quite famous... as Daddy told me that it was used for filming for a Hong Kong movie in 1999. Wah... that's like so ultra long ago lor... at least for di-di & me. Heh.

It isn't the orignal building though as the old one was too old to be repaired, so Laguna tore it down and built it up again and now it houses a gift shop. Well, that's the only shopping you are gonna get on Redang I think... just ask Mummy & Por-por. Hee hee...

Well, what else to do but to do the touristy thing and take photos with the building right? :P

We had a yummy seafood dinner by the beach after that, and then went back to get an early rest 'cos we were waking early the next day for our first-ever snorkeling trip! Woot!

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Huan said...

hi... can i know how much this trip costs? n how do u book the ferry ticket to Redang? may want to bring my family there too :-)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Huan,

Sorry but I can't really recall how much the trip cost as it has been a few years already. But we booked the ferry ticket on the day itself. There are a few ferry timings throughout the day so it shld be okay.

Hope it helps!

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