Mar 21, 2010

Rounding up the school hols...

For all the cheeseburgers I love to eat, and also for all the nuggets & fries di-di love to wallop, we got a chance to see how all these were prepared in the MacDonalds kitchen last Friday. And yup, that also meant we got ot have our Happy Meals too! Hee hee...

We were at the Macs at King Albert Park for a tour of the MacDonalds Kitchen and it was quite the eye-opener for di-di & me as we were brought to view the dry storeroom and freezer areas.

We got the opportunity to see how the uncles & aunties prepare the food so very fast, and serve it to the customers also in super fast manner. And as our reward for being such attentive listeners, of course our Happy Meals were waiting for us at the end of the tour lah! Wahahaha...

No photos were allowed during the kitchen tour though, so you can only see us enjoying the end products from the kitchen. :P

And then, to round up the week long school holidays, Daddy & Mummy brought us to the Indoor Stadium over the weekend to catch Mickey & gang skate on ice... together with our buddies - Timo & Beth! :)

Not only did the usual gang make their graceful appearance, their friends like Stitch, Baloo, Buzz Lightyear, & the Incredibles all joined in the show too!

I think di-di enjoyed the show much more than me though, 'cos he was clapping fervently throughout the show... but for me, the great company was all that matters! :P

And now, all we have to do is to look forward to next long school holidays! Heh.

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