Apr 20, 2010

Festive Hotel & back to USS!

Time to take a short breather from all the action at USS, so we headed to Festive Hotel at RWS to check into our Family Room!

Festive Hotel is one of the 4 hotels that are currently open in RWS and it is specially catered for families and in particular, with kids in mind. So that explains why we had a loft bed just for us in the room!

Happiness I tell you... di-di & I couldn't help but climb up the ladder on first sight and promptly stayed up there we did. :P

The room had a king-sized bed, queen-sized sofa bed and of course the loft bed... ample space for Ye-ye, Ma-ma, Daddy, Mummy & us to spend the night.

And to top things off, the hotel also takes care of young guests like us - check out the stuff that we got.

A dragon-toothbrush, Rubik cube, bath sponge, and our very own bathroom slippers. Cute hor? Hee. Also, Mummy loved the 'Do-not-disturb' signage that was hanging on the door handle.

Pretty unique eh? I reckon it must have gone into our luggage too. HAHAHAHA!

And with all these goodies, there must be someone chosen to model them...

One can always count on di-di I say. :P

So after our short rest, it was time to head back to USS for one last hurrah before it closes.

Di-di was getting more & more concussed by the time we re-entered though...

But not for me! I was still full of energy and raring to go!

So while di-di dozed off to sleep, I finally got my wish to go on the 'Treasure Hunters' car ride at Ancient Egypt... well, we still had to queue for a good 25 minutes but at least I thoroughly enjoyed it. Heh.

We walked around the theme park somemore, with di-di snoozing away blissfully in his pram.

I even had the chance to go on the mini-rollercoaster at Far Far Away with Daddy!

I've got to admit - I was a bit apprehensive to go on it initially but once the ride was over, I was raring to go on it AGAIN! Hahaha... too bad the park was closing and we had to dash off to the stores to use our souvenir vouchers that came with the admission tickets.

And so I got my loot for the day - a Melman the giraffe watch. :)

With that, it was time to say bye-bye to the theme park and head out for our dinner. As usual, I was a bit reluctant to go... and I asked if we could come back again & again since "we don't have to take an aeroplane right?" Hee. :P

Well, at least there was still the next morning to look forward to... Daddy said we were going to go swimming at the new pool! Woohoo!

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