Apr 18, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore - We're Back!

After our sneak preview of the Universal Studios Singapore back in February, di-di & I have been asking Daddy & Mummy to bring us back to try the rides when the theme park is open.

And we got our wish over the weekend! And as an added bonus, we got to spend the night at the children-friendly Festive Hotel on Saturday too!

But first things first - USS together with Ye-ye & Ma-ma... :)

And our first ride of the day? Spinning ourselves silly on the Madagascar Carousel with the 4 silly friends.

I chose my fave animal - Melman the giraffe.

While di-di hopped onto his fave animal as well - Marty the zebra.

After we had spun ourselves round & round, we managed to catch sight of the runaway penguins too.

Far Far Away was next on the horizon where we caught the Shrek 4D show... it is definitely a MUST-WATCH! The seats move according to the show, and do look out for the... well, I don't want to spoil the surprise, do I? Hee hee...

We then popped over to Friar's for a quick rest and snack...

... before we headed out to conquer the rest of the park.

Oh, luckily Daddy remembered that the last time we were here for the preview, di-di & I mentioned that we had wanted to go on the Fairy Godmother's Magic Potion Spin ride.

And so we did. *beams*

We then trekked over to Jurassic Park where many dinosaurs awaited us... particularly the Dino Soarin' ride which I had also put into my 'To-ride' list the last time we were here. Heh.

We passed by Ancient Egypt , where I had to wanted to try out the 'Treasure Hunters' ride but alas, the queue was pretty long so we decided to proceed to Sci-Fi City first.

Tall fellas huh?

Well at least, di-di & I were able to go onto this spinning ride... which is a lot like those spinning tea cups at most of the theme parks but only more spacey & futuristic-looking. Hee.

All those rides were starting to make us really hungry and no prizes for guessing what I chose to eat!

Check out the ENORMOUS pizza!!! Wah!

And what do you know, the same street dance performance that we watched the last time was on again... and di-di once again gamely stepped up to the challenge. Hahaha...

Me? I was feeling a little shy lah... so it was di-di's turn to WOW the crowd!

I might be biased, but I think the loudest claps and cheers belonged to di-di. Hahahaha!

Then it was time to head to the Waterworld set to catch the live action stunt show.

Yet another must-watch show at USS - full of thrills, spills, explosions, bangs... everything! Remember, if you want to get wet, just plonk yourself on the green & blue coloured benches at the viewing gallery. Confirm a splashing good time! :P

After the show, it was time to check into our room at Festive Hotel. So we decided to take a short rest in our room first before heading back to USS again later in the afternoon. And looked who we bumped into near the exit?

It had been a really good time at the theme park thus far... it wasn't too crowded, there were queues with waiting times ranging from 20 to 45 minutes at some of the more popular rides but that's expected.

So hopefully the crowds would have thinned a little by the time we are back from our short recharge! :)

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