Apr 8, 2010

Tai-por's 82nd Birthday

Besides meeting up with Timo & Beth last Sunday, we too had a Birthday lunch for Tai-por! And please say hello to the newest addition to Mummy's family - Baby Jaeden.

He so cute hor... look like Marshmallow Man. Hee hee... But luckily Baby Jaeden still can't jostle with us to blow out the candles on the birthday cake. Yet.

And of course I declared myself to be the official photographer for Tai-por's birthday lunch. So how, looked pretty pro right? :P

Yah lah, I also know I blocked Tai-por's face with the big head of mine.

But I did sing the Birthday Song at the top of my voice. Ditto for di-di.

And finally, we got to help Tai-por snuff out the candles and cut the cake!

And a perfect end to the birthday lunch - one big kiss for Tai-por! :)

After lunch, everyone then came over to our place for swimming... no need to say, di-di & I missed our afternoon naps and we konked out at 8pm that night. Heh.

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