May 19, 2010

I heart Museums! - Bukit Chandu

Sunday, and Mummy had to work today... so it was just left to the 3 of us - Papamonkie & his 2 cheekiemonkies, to visit the other War Museum that we have at Bukit Chandu.

Truth be told, Daddy didn't even know the existence of this museum before this. But it is a gem alright, tucked away in a secluded corner of Pasir Panjang. And thanks to the Playeum once again, there were lots of installations that were targeted at us kids!

First up was this sonic installation, where we made interesting music by using one hand to touch a metal sphere and immersing the other hand in water.

Well, you can't really tell how much fun it was from the photos but di-di & I truly enjoyed making nonsensical sounds by putting our hands in the different bowls of water. :P

Then it was time to get our hands busy with some craft work...

... and what we had to do was to create a Battlestation model using materials like cardboard, twigs and dried leaves.

And no need to say, both of us quickly got down to work...

After some careful construction, we were done!

And we left our creations together with the Battlestations that other kids had created.

We then came to an interesting station, where we had to take strips of cloth and tie them together to form a giant web of colours!

Well, it was difficult to tie knots at first as we didn't really know how.

But there were helpful aunties there to lend us a helping hand... and so with a little bit of assistance, we had a great time weaving our way in and out of the web.

From weaving strips of cloth, to letting our hands run riot with chalk... it was Graffiti time!

There huge barrels prepared specially for us kids to unleash our creativity... and yes we didn't disappoint lor. Hee.

I even extended my creativity to the floor, by doodling a erm, smaller than usual hopscotch. :P

Well, at least Daddy still knows that it was a hopscotch that I was drawing. Hahahaha...

With that, our time at Bukit Chandu had come to an end 'cos we had to go pick Mummy up and have lunch together with Kong-kong & Por-por too.

But we definitely had loads of fun! And it's all thanks to International Museums Day! :)

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