May 17, 2010

I heart Museums! - Old Ford Factory

With last Saturday being the start of a week-long celebrations in conjunction with International Museums Day, we went down to the Old Ford Factory for some serious play time!

This is one of the 2 war museums in Singapore, and even Daddy & Mummy were amazed that there were lots of interesting exhibits inside. Well, but since di-di & me are no history buffs yet, it was fitting that Playeum had come up with lots of installations in the museum solely for us kids! Much like this playarea for us to create mayhem. Hee hee...

There was also storycrafting sessions, where we sat down to listen to the story of the giant tapioca and how it needed many many people & animals to pull it out.

And immediately after the story, we were all led outside to do some tapioca pulling, and crafting of our own!

Give us monkies some paint and watch us go ga-ga over the colours! Hahaha... yep we had such a great time paiting the transparent sheets specially set up for us.

There was a giant TAPIOCA waiting to be painted as well!

And we really got our hands dirty. Literally.

Then we moved on to the gardening section, where we could choose to plant some seeds into the small pots.

I chose the chye sim seeds while di-di picked the maize.

Then we carefully used soil to cover up the seeds, and we were done!

Now all we have to do is to bring them home, water them and to hope very hard that they grow! :P

Then it was time to head back inside for some much-needed air conditioned comfort! Hahaha... and also to try our hans at another art & craft corner - hat-making.

Paper plates & bowls were provided, along with many different types of materials for us to create our individual hats... di-di was clearly happy with his!

As for mine... well, Mummy had to be the model 'cos I immediately scooted off to the playarea once I was done. :P

Totally fun day out at the museum! And best part is, we'll be going to the other war museum at Bukit Chandu the next day!

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