May 28, 2010

To infinity & beyond! (with my buddies of course)

Today's a public holiday and also marks the end of a school term, and kor-kor & I know what happens during one long weekend such as this.

We pack in loads of activities that's what! Hee hee... Sources tell me that this is gonna be one fun-filled weekend, and true enough we kicked it off by catching the Pixar exhibition at the Science Centre this afternoon with our buddies - Timothy & Bethany.

Well, if there's only one thing you see at the exhibition, make sure it is the Spectrobe! It shows you how, with a little bit of lighting & spinning effects, the Toy Story animation comes to life. The 4 of us spent a pretty long time just gawking at it. :P

We also caught the first Toy Story movie in 3-D after the exhibition, and of course it was a joy catching it with our buddies
lah... especially for kor-kor me think.

Well, we are newly-converted Toy Story fans... hahaha... Timo loves Hamm, kor-kor loves Buzz, while I love Mr. Potatohead! Why ah? 'Cos his face parts keep dropping and he's very funny lor... HAHAHAHA...

Well, maybe we should catch Toy Story 3 together... hee hee...

Alright, time to go
koon... gotta recharge for an even ultra longer (& fun!) day tomorrow!!! :P

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