May 31, 2010

Family Day - Fun & Perspiration

Saturday was the Family Day... and in conjunction with the National Family Celebrations & Nuffnang, we scored free passes to the Luge at Sentosa... and as an added tremendous surprise for di-di & me, we got free tickets to Universal Studios Singapore as well! WOOT!

Naturally, both of us monkies were extremely excited. Especially erm, me 'cos I have been wanting to go on the Roller-coaster at Far Far Away ever since I had a taste of it the last time.

And this time, we had enough tickets to call Kong-kong & Por-por along too, which I am sure they are very excited too. Hee hee...

Well, the bad news was that the weather was absolutely merciless - the sun was scorching without a hint of clouds in the blue sky. But the good news was that the theme park was still relatively uncrowded 'cos we were there early. And so, we started off with spinning space capsules at Sci-fi City.

After getting all dizzy and woozy, we then decided to take refuge in Shrek's castle for some air-conditioned comfort... oh, and some 4-D adventure of course. Even better, no queues! :P

After that, di-di & I zoomed towards the Spinning potion rides and this time, Kong-kong went up together with us.

We must have been ultra lucky, or our timing must have been spot on... 'cos the moment after we finished our rides, it was super crowded! Almost all the rides had a waiting time of at least 40 minutes! Gosh... so of course we did the next best thing - makan!!!

No, we weren't THAT hungry to finish up a dinosaur, but we still had a yummy world at the food court at The Lost World. Chicken rice always does it for me lah. Heh.

Seeing that the crowd was still going strong, we decided to take a break from USS first and head on down to the Sentosa Luge. Di-di & I had gone on it one time previously - the time when Mummy's phone dropped all the way down from the skyride and miraculously survived!

So this time, I wasn't taking any chances... I sat cross-legged throughout the skyride, 'cos I was afraid my shoes would fall down into the bushes below.

Di-di, on the other hand, was muttering how scared he was 'cos he was afraid that he would fall all the way down. HAHAHAHA... And when Daddy asked him to smile for the camera, this is how his smile turned out...

Hee hee... but there wasn't any fear in the both of us when we zipped down the track. In fact, we complained that it all ended too fast!!!

Too fast was definitely on our minds when we re-entered Universal Studios, as we clamored to go on the Roller coaster at Far Far Away. And luckily, the queue wasn't long already and so we torpedoed on the Dragon-coaster! Whee!

It was di-di's first time on a roller coaster and he remarked that he thoroughly enjoyed it. Hee.

There was just this one other ride that we hadn't been on yet, and that was the Flyin' Dino ride.

It's staple theme park fare - same ride that you can find at most theme parks, just replace the dino with a different animal, but somehow I love going on it lah. :P

Then without knowing, it was time for dinner... time really flies when one is having fun. Hee. And so this time, we decided to try the restaurant at Madagascar. Well, the food was alright but the decor inside was definitely nice and colourful!

Di-di then recalled that we had yet to go on the Madagascar merry-go-round! Lucky thing lor... hahaha...

And so we got the merry-go-round to spin us right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round...

And with that, it marked the end of our Family Day celebrations... but we all had fun, and yes all of us were definitely tired by then.

But not before one last photo at USS! :P

Thanks to Nuffnang & NFC for the tickets, and thanks too to Kong-kong & Por-por for accompanying us for a fun-filled day! We slept real soundly that night, so Daddy & Mummy are also thankful as well. Hiak hiak hiak...

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