Jun 2, 2010

Painting at the Flyer

2 weeks back, our weekly art class celebrated its birthday by conducting the class at the Singapore Flyer... so of course kor-kor & me were extremely excited about it!

Well, not only excited about the art that we were going to be doing but also the one trip up the Flyer as well, with all my classmates! Daddy & Mummy didn't follow us, 'cos they had better things to do...erm, like shopping. :P

Anyway, we had a ball of a time, both in class and up there in the clouds. Just check out the mess we are in after the class! Hee hee...

And kor-kor's masterpiece?

Yup, that's his contribution... all the artworks will be combined to form a giant wall to be exhibited at the Flyer.

The smaller kids (like me), were grouped into teams and tasked to complete a giant Flyer painting...


Now we just have to make a trip back there to view our combined artworks. :)

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