Jul 16, 2010

Cheekiemonkies' Great Aussie Road Trip: Day 10

26th June: The East Coast - Ballina & Surfers Paradise

I woke up really early in the morning, while Mummy & di-di were still in deep slumber, and followed Daddy to the reception area 'cos he needed to settle some stuff.

And when we made our way back to the cabin, 2 ducks followed us all the way! So just for fun, Daddy gave me a piece of bread to reward them for their persistence. Then suddenly, a whole clan of ducks descended upon us!

Somehow, a family of lorikeets picked up the news too and promptly parked themselves in front of us. :P

That thrilled me to bits, 'cos I remembered feeding these colourful birds at the Jurong Bird Park last time and I really enjoyed it!

Di-di was soon awoken by all the commotion, and he too joined in the feeding frenzy.

Our supply of bread and biscuits depleted rapidly, and soon there were only tiny crumbs left to go around...

I am so going to miss my duckie and birdie friends.

Then, we were on our way - and today we were targeting to complete the final leg of our great northwards drive and reach Surfers Paradise.

But obviously a 3-hour plus drive will get pretty boring if there are no stops along the way... so we just had to make a stop. Yah, out of necessity. Hahahaha...

And a rest stop doesn't come better than the Macadamia Castle! It sells mainly - surprise surprise - macadamias. Hee hee... but most importantly, it also has a fun park just for kids which consists of an animal park and a 18-hole mini golf course!

Clubs, balls and score cards are provided as well, and I can't wait to get start swinging that club.

And here's me; the ya-ya-papaya who just sunk a perfect putt. Hee.

Di-di was trying his hardest too, and he was quite successful too (sometimes with the help of his leg). :P

We didn't complete all the 18 holes lah... and our score? Erm, who keeps score when one is having fun anyway? Hee hee...

There were other animals in the park to see too, but the other main draw for the both of us was something else. Something much much larger...

A Treehouse Playground!

Suffice to say, we spent the longest time up there in the Treehouse.

If you would rather go flying instead, there was the mini Flying Fox...

... or surfing perhaps? :P

But at the end of the day, di-di & I still preferred to scramble up the Treehouse lah. Heh.

One final ride at the playground before we got back on the road once again...

With all the play, it was inevitable that both of us dozed off in the car and when we opened our eyes, we had reached Surfers Paradise! WOOT! Our 3-day road trip was finally completed!

And so, we decided to give a nice treat to our rumbling tummies - yummy juicy steaks on hot stones!

You can't get more carnivorous than that I say. Hahaha... Til the next day!

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