Jul 17, 2010

Climb monkie Climb!

Ever since we got back from Australia, I have been bugging Daddy & Mummy to bring me to some playground that has the gigantic climbing structure for me to tackle. Yes, I have been sorely missing the one that I had scaled at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. :P

And I vaguely remember that there was one in West Coast Park... and so, what a perfect excuse to bring our bikes down for a ride too. Hee.

Di-di took one look at the big climbing net, and immediately politely declined to climb it with me. I think he preferred to stick to the slides and sand.

Actually, I was like that too the last time... somehow I have now realised how fun it could be. So off I went!

Daddy decided he needed the exercise too, so he accompanied me. Hahaha... And we finally made it all the way to the top!

It was so much more windy up there... I think I could have fallen asleep at the top. Heh.

Maybe I can try rock-climbing next?

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