Jul 18, 2010

At the airport... again?!?

Kor-kor & I went to Changi Airport over the weekend - no, not to go on another holiday lah! :P

Rather, we were down at T3 to take a look at the once-a-month flea market at Carpark 3A (B2). Well, shopping isn't definitely our idea of fun yet... but luckily for us, there were fun stuff to keep us occupied while Mummy was in browsing mode.

Kiddie rides were the attractions, and
kor-kor & I immediately zoomed in on the racing cars circuit when we set our eyes on it.

Pardon the sullen look, as I was busy navigating around the bends in my F1 car. Hee hee...

There was also another circuit, which had slower-moving cars. I think it's for younger children, 'cos an adult is also able to control the vehicle via remote control if the child is not able to steer properly and always langar. :P

Anyway, Daddy gave us the option of choosing a last ride before we were off to look for Mummy (possibly to stem any more outflow of money? Hee hee...). And we chose this giant Giraffe ride!

Don't see this giraffe so convoluted ah... it has a waiting time of 20 minutes you know! Lucky for us, there were free cotton candy and popcorn being distributed in the airport terminal for us to while away the time. Hahahaha...

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