Jul 27, 2010

Cheekiemonkies' Great Aussie Road Trip: Day 15

Today, kor-kor & I said goodbye to our nice resort for the past 5 nights... sob! We definitely had lots of fun hopping around all the theme parks. And just to cheer us up a little bit, Grover was at the lobby to bid farewell to us. Hee.

Today was designated to be a relaxing free (read: shopping) day. But first, we had to check into the final accommodation of our Aussie trip - at Paradise Resort.

You guessed it - got pool means got us monkies splashing around in them. I think we may have gotten used to swimming in the cold weather already. Hahahaha...

I still prefer to stay in the hot jacuzzi, though kor-kor preferred to go dipping in the other icy pools. :P

And so to round up our relaxing day, we headed to the Pacific Fair mall for Daddy & Mummy to do their shopping. It was good that we went 'cos erm, we also got some stuff for ourselves!

WOOT! Needless to say, they were our sleeping companions for the remaining duration of our trip. Hee.

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