Jul 20, 2010

Cheekiemonkies' Great Aussie Road Trip: Day 12

28th June: Sea World, Surfers Paradise

Di-di & I woke up early in the morning to find Zoe waiting for us at the resort lobby. Hee.

Sea World was the flavour of the day, and we sure were looking forward to it!

It was the start of the Queensland School holidays, so there was quite a queue at the entrance. Luckily, the weather was so cool and nice... so at least it was bearable lah. Hahaha...

Di-di was very thrilled to see the many dolphins going on their morning swims.

But we didn't stay too long to admire the dolphins, 'cos we had better hit the Sesame Street Beach area first before the crowd started to build up.

My first ride was this Bert & Ernie's one...

Di-di was too short to go on it though so Daddy accompanied me on it. It was actually quite simple - we could go really high up in the air just by pulling onto the rope and when we let go, we would come sliding down. I had so fun fun that it became my favourite ride in Sea World and I knew I had to come back for more rides on it later.

Di-di went on the Oscar's truck ride together with Mummy in the meantime.

Well, that was one out of the total TWO rides that Mummy could sit in the ride. All thanks to our baby sister riding inside Mummy's tummy. Hee hee.

We then attended flying lessons at Grover's Flight School after that.

And yes, this was the second ride that Mummy sat.

We caught the Sesame Street musical after we came back to the ground... which thrilled di-di to bits 'cos they were singing all his fave songs. :)

After one show came yet another show - and it was at the Dolphin Cove for the spectacular Dolphin Show!

Looking at those dolphins leap through the air made me just want to be a dolphin trainer as well. Hahaha...

We then had lunch, and decided to leave Sea World soon after 'cos the crowd was getting larger. Most of the kiddie rides had long queues... and with our nap times coming up, Daddy & Mummy didn't want to risk any tantrums being thrown. Plus the fact that we had unlimited entry to Sea World for the entire duration of our stay, we figured it would be the best arrangement.

So they did the next best thing - off we went to the Pacific Fair mall for shopping! Hahaha...

And di-di & I did catch a bit of sleep, so as a reward, Daddy decided to stop by a lovely beach while on our way back for dinner.

And there right beside the beach, was a BIG playground that was AMAZING! It had these rides that we could pedal round the perimeter of the playground.

Time for me to catch up with Mummy & di-di!

Daddy had a go at it as well... but erm, it's a rather tight fit for him don't you think? Hahahaha...

We also enjoyed the swinging rockets... but don't worry, Daddy didn't go on it for fear of breaking it. :P

I spent the rest of the time playing with the sand on the beach while the other three were busy snapping photos...

That was until di-di decided that his tummy was growling and he was calling out for food!

So off we went for dinner, followed by an early rest in anticipation for yet another round of theme park mania the next day!

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--andy-- said...

thaks for the great writeup on your AU trip. We are going GoldCoast in Sep, and your blog is a good reference :)


Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi andy,

thanks for dropping by!!! Hope that u and ur family enjoy yourselves too! :)

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