Jul 21, 2010

Cheekiemonkies' Great Aussie Road Trip: Day 13

29th June: Movie World, Wet'n'Wild Water World, Gold Coast

Brand new day, same Elmo monster at the lobby... hee hee. But at least Mummy got to snap a photo with him too.

Today was Movie World yet again, as we had unlimited entry to the theme park. No complaints from di-di and me! And we got the superheroes costumes right this time around. :P

And yet again, we made our way to all the kiddie rides at the Looney Tunes area first... 'cos we were afraid that there will be long queues as the day progressed.

And the early bird catches the worm too... well, in this case Bunny. Bugs & Lola Bunny to be precise.

They were our for their early morning walk I reckon?

Time to head down to the Superman extreme roller coaster ride next! No no no, not to go on it lah... just take photo only. Hee.

Di-di also managed to find his Batmobile. :P

The Batman ride was an equally scary ride - a plunging thrill ride! Which we didn't go on it as well.

But we DID go for the alternative!

Our fave ride! Hahahaha...

After all the flying up and down, we bumped into some of Batman's nemesis... Grrr...

And the Joker was in an antagonistic mood - when he saw us, he quipped, "Ahhh... just how I like my superheroes - short!" Hmph! Dady thought it was very funny though. Double hmph!

With bad guys around, I think it was time for Superman to step up his patrols.

Luckily there was the Green Lantern to help us out.

Since we had help liao, we decided to do something outrageous (or foolish). Since we also had free entry to the Wet'n'Wild Water World, and since it was conveniently situated beside Movie World, we changed into our swimming attire and went for it! Never mind that it was only 16 degrees Celsius!!!

BRRRR!!! The water was sooooo cold. No wonder everyone was gathered here at the warm jacuzzi springs. Hahahaha...

Of course all 3 of us jumped in without hesitation.

Daddy & I did brave the cold to go the other giant slides eventually. Although we were freezing a little, it was super fun! Di-di, on the other hand, refused to come out of his snuggly Elmo towel after we got out of the warm springs. :P

We then had a late lunch, changed and back to Movie World we went!

This time, we waited at the main street again for yet another show - DC Heroes vs Villains.

It was full of action! We loved it! Heh. And then, it was back to - you guessed it - MORE RIDES!!!

And along the way, we bumped into some more Looney (Tunes) characters...

Di-di wanted to go on the bumper cars for one last time, but I didn't feel like queuing up. So while Mummy & him go wait, Daddy & I just walked around... with me posing around with Daddy snapping away.

Don't mess with me. I bite!!! Heh.

What do you know... yet another fun-filled day passed again just like that. Hahaha... only 4 more days of our holiday to go! Boo!

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