Jul 23, 2010

i Pad, u Pad

It really can't be too difficult to guess what was capturing our attention... :P


Today is the launch of the iPad in Singapore, but Daddy got hold of his in Sydney when we were in Australia last month. Needless to say, di-di & I loved it!

Ok, Daddy & Mummy doesn't really allow us to play games on it ( We have the iPhone for that, but that's another story. Hahahaha...) but more for reading e-books (our current fave is the Toy Story one) and education purposes. I use it to trawl the internet for info when Daddy or Mummy are teaching us something, like say... to find out how certain dinosaurs look like when I'm working on some dinosaur-related topic. And it sure is easy to poke and swipe at the screen! Hee hee...

Recently, I have picked up Chess through the iPad too. And now, I've bugged Daddy enough times for him to buy me a proper Chess set 'cos I'm hooked onto playing Chess now. :)

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