Sep 8, 2010

All-boys day out

Now's the one week break from school, so yesterday, Daddy decided to take leave to bring di-di & I out for one whole day of fun! Pity Mummy had some stuff to settle at work, so she couldn't join us. But no matter, it was an all-boys outing! :)

Daddy had promised to bring me to United Square for the Action Adventure circuit, which includes wall climbing, flying fox & abseiling. All very fun stuff for a hyper monkie like me! Hee hee...

And not surprisingly, I enjoyed the challenges lots!

That's me scaling the wall. Di-di couldn't join in though, 'cos it's only for those aged 5 and above and it's on until this Sunday I think. Erm, actually there're more photos to show for my efforts but those pictures are still in Daddy's digicam. These photos are all taken using the iPhone, 'cos Daddy's lazy to upload them for now lah. :P

With such a taxing and demanding activity, I had developed a ferocious appetite by the time it was over.

And surprise surprise, I walloped an entire 7" pizza all on my own, while di-di polished off a full plate of pasta as well. Which left Daddy with just the ice lemon tea that came with the pizza set. Hahaha...

Then it was off for a leisurely drive after our meal!

But we soon got into an accident with each other. :P

There goes our NCD then. But luckily we got replacement vehicles. Kekekekeke...

With all those energy expended, it was no surprise that we were knocked out almost instantaneously when we got into the car.

And when we awoke, we found ourselves at Downtown East... just in time for di-di to meet-n-greet his fave superhero - Batman!

I declined to take the photo together with Batman 'cos I was afraid Superman would be upset lah. Hahahaha...

There was still some time to kill before we had to go off to fetch Mummy from work, so Daddy let us go try our hands at one of those craft stores... Actually I think it's because Daddy wanted to sit down to rest his feet. :P

Of course we had a wonderful time putting on the colours for our pictures... and when we were done, it was time to go off to meet Mummy! Naturally, di-di & I had an early night by the time we got home. But it was sure was fun fun fun! :)

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