Sep 9, 2010

Climbing Monkie

Ok... as promised, Daddy has ceased to be lazy and uploaded the photos of me attempting the Action Adventure circuit at United Square onto the computer. Well, being naggy helps too me think. :P

Well, before we kids attempt any challenges, we were taught to go through a set of warm-up exercises to loosen those muscles.

Hmm... I think I must have the youngest in that group.

Before we scale the big giant wall, we were given a go at a shorter wall first - just to give us a feel of what it is like.

Then we were all geared up and ready to go!

A big kor-kor gave me final instructions while he strapped me onto the safety harness...

... and up I went the cargo netting!

It was relatively okay for me... maybe 'cos I loved climbing those netting structures at the playground. Hee.

Then next up was the biggie - the wall.

Initially I scurried up the wall pretty fast, but around the halfway mark, my arms began to tire liao and I lost my momentum. :P

Luckily the big kor-kor who was holding onto my safety harness was strong enough to slowly pull me up and slowly let me down again when I reached the summit. I need to build up more muscles! Hahaha...

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