Sep 13, 2010

Long Weekend 1

You know it is a long weekend when di-di & I get to go out all day, skip our afternoon naps and yes, have loads of fun!

We started out Friday morning by having a special treat - Breakfast at Macs, and on our skate scooters no less!

Hee hee... yup, we scooted all the way to Macs and all the way back home too. I'm getting pretty good at it, while di-di langar into a bush on the way home though. :P

But he is getting steadier with it... maybe he'll be able to catch up with me soon. Hahaha...

We stopped by the basketball courts where we could hone our scooting skills some more, and this usually means photos time as well!

I would have thought there would be lesser photos to be taken since Daddy didn't bring his camera along... but obviously I forgot about the iPhone lor. :P

The rest of the morning was spent playing with our toys at home... you know, sometimes di-di & I would rather stay at home to play than to go out. Hahaha! We played all the way to lunch time, which was quite late since we had a late breakfast... and it was Japanese Curry rice, the non-spicy kids version lah. :P

Then we headed our to Tai-por's house where we had an early Mooncake Festival gathering with Daddy's maternal relatives. YUP, MORE EATING!!!

That's a fair bit of eating in one day... but luckily for us, Daddy & Mummy promised to bring us to the beach the next day to sweat it all out! Woohoo!!!

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