Sep 16, 2010

Long Weekend 2

Last Saturday, or Day 2 of the long weekend, saw kor-kor & me heading down to the East Coast Beach for some serious sand play.

It was the perfect weather for sand, tan, and the sea - just right for nuah-ing the lazy day away. Hee hee...

And bet you can tell how happy and excited I was huh?

Hahaha... it had been a while since we last went to the beach, so you can't blame me for getting all to hyper. :P

And so while we began constructing our sandcastles, Daddy & Mummy just laid down on their mat under the comfy shade of the trees.

I was more of a hindrance than help to kor-kor's sandcastle building efforts - primarily 'cos I was more bent on destroying the structures. :P

So Daddy decided to play Frisbee with me instead. Hahaha.

I soon got tired after a while, perhaps due to the fact that Daddy always made me run so far away to pick up the Frisbee... so I decided to rest by getting all comfortable on TWO beach chairs.

Yup, I got REALLY comfy all right. Heh.

If only there was ice cream, then it would be PERFECT!

After sand, we decided to go for some speed instead... and so, off on our skate scooters we went!

We were coasting along just fine, until a girl wanted to befriend kor-kor and play together with him. And so, he ditched his scooter (and me!) and scooted off with the girl instead. Hmph.

But I didn't really mind lah... 'cos this meant I could have the 2 beach chairs all to myself again! :P

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