Sep 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Today's Daddy's special day, and so over the weekend Daddy's friends gave him a Birthday surprise!

Well, we actually met up at Brewerkz at the Indoor Stadium Waterfront to celebrate one of Daddy's & Mummy's friends, Aunty Mann's upcoming wedding. Yes, it was a child-friendly hen party. Hahaha...

Brandon & Kaylene were there to run amok with us as well, and thank goodness for the nearby waterfront space for us to while away the time while waiting for the food to be served! Hee.

We were utterly famished by the time the food arrived, and me think we smashed our personal records for the speed in which we devoured our dinner. :P

We needed to be fast, because we also had to strategise how best to bring out the secret birthday cake in order to completely surprise Daddy.

Maybe hiding it behind Uncle Ray will help???

In the end, all the meticulous planning came to naught... 'cos Brandon went up to Daddy and said, "Uncle Kelvin, we have a birthday cake for you, you know???" -_-"

Well, at least all of us got to sing the Birthday song in 3 languages and extinguish the candle flames! Hee hee...


Hope you enjoyed the... erm, not-so-surprising surprise! :P

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