Oct 3, 2010

Happy Children's Day!

Last weekend was a long weekend for di-di & me, all thanks to Children's Day! And so all thanks to us too, Daddy & Mummy decided to go on leave as well! :P

Since the day was all about us children, Daddy & Mummy let us decide what we wanted to do for the entire day. And guess what we planned?

1. Breakfast at Macs.
2. Swimming at the pool.
3. Eating ice cream by the pool.

Sometimes, it's really just the simple pleasures in life that make us happy isn't it? :)

And so, that was how our Children's Day turned out. Simple, but extremely FUN for us monkies! Hee.

And on Saturday, we went to a play at the Esplanade called The Kingdom Under my Bed. It's about this little boy who was afraid of sleeping alone in his own room, 'cos he was afraid of the monsters under his bed.

But in the end, he found that instead of thinking that there are monsters below his bed, why not think that there is in fact a kingdom of fascinating forest animals and friends that are waiting to play with him every night when he sleeps?

And speaking of sleeping & nuah-ing after the play, nothing beats having a bag of Twisties in the hand, lying down on the couch and watching TV... all in the comfort of Kong-kong's & Por-por's home!

Now that's life! :P

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