Oct 6, 2010

Aunty Mann's Wedding

Last Sunday was one of Daddy's & Mummy's longtime hostel friend - Aunty Mann's wedding and boy did we have fun!

HAHAHAHA... it was all thanks to this self-automated photo booth that di-di & I took great pleasure in posing in front of - complete with outrageous props.

And you can see that the adults had lots of fun as well. :P

That's Aunty Mann, looking all radiant & pretty... it was a different kind of wedding dinner that di-di & I are used to attending, 'cos for one we had my fave PIZZA and di-di's fave PASTA for our meals! Woot!

Congrats Aunty Mann & Uncle Ben! Wishing the both of you eternal bliss & happiness!

And so, with the dinner out of the way... we kids (& adults alike) went to pose ourselves silly for more photos again! Hee hee...

Not too bad right? :P

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