Nov 8, 2010

The 3 monkies reunite

Last Saturday marked the first time that all 3 of us (Di-di, mei-mei & me) got together!

You see, di-di had chicken pox a few days before Mummy delivered mei-mei... so he had to be quarantined at Ma-ma's house for a few days when mei-mei came back from the hospital.

Poor Ayd right??? :(

But now, he's back home with all the rest of us... and the group of CHEEKIEMONKIES is now complete!

Already, both di-di & I are fussing over Alethea so very much! If we are not lamenting how come she takes such looooong naps, then we would be fighting over who to carry her... hee hee...

But one thing's for certain - both of us will the protective kor-kors as she grows!

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littlekaikai said...

For chicken pox,the incubation period is 7 to 21 Bb now two month old,lastime when I give birth to her,my elder get contact w my niece who has vgc we quarantine my elder more than two weeks leh

Cheekiemonkies said...


We checked with the paed, and he said actually a newborn carries the mummy's immunity for up to 6 months after he/she is born. That means if the mummy has contracted CKP before, the newborn would have her natural immunity for the first 6 months of his/her life, after which his/her immunity system takes over.

But we thought of quarantining Ayd for about 10 days, just to be safe. Also, the incubation period is different from the infectious period. The infected person is no longer infectious once the marks have dried up, which is why Ayd returned back on Saturday when his marks had actually dried up on Wed. :)

littlekaikai said...

for my case is different, because i have not contracted b4 :((, so my little princess don have the immunity to ckp..:(

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