Nov 4, 2010

Did I say I love Alethea???

Ever since Alethea came back from the hospital, I have been relishing my role as the big kor-kor of the house!

If she cries, I will be the first to run to her and try to pacify her. If she's awake, I will sing some songs to keep her entertained. And if she's in need for a bath, I will fight with Daddy to bathe her!

I been taking my job very very very seriously. Heh.

When we had to bring her back to the pead for a follow-up, I even carried her rattle in my pocket so that I can use it to pacify her in case she cries! Thoughtful hor? :P

So yes, I simply adore and love new new mei-mei to bits!

If only she doesn't have to sleep so much.... then she can play with me for a longer time! Hahahaha...

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