Nov 3, 2010

Mei-mei needs a tan

Mei-mei's a little bit jaundiced; nothing too serious the doctor said so we would just have to bring her to tan under the morning sun. Daddy thought why not go on a beach holiday, like Phuket or Redang??? Hahahaha... nice try, Daddy. :P

So anyway, mei-mei has got to bake under Mr. Sun every morning and hopefully, the jaundice level will come down. I don't think she will have it worse than me though. Mummy said I had to be hospitalised last time when I was just born due to the high jaundice level. It's a good thing I don't remember that lor.

And after all the suntanning, it's usually time for me to give a daily cuddle & kiss to Alethea! :)

'Cos who can resist such a cutie pie???

Hee hee hee... yah la, I'm biased. :P

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