Mar 31, 2011

Our sweet mei-mei

Mei-mei turns 5 months old! Time does fly by pretty quickly huh, although maybe Daddy doesn't really think so. Hee hee... I reckon he just wants mei-mei to be able to walk on her own soon! :P

HANDSOME girl huh? Hahahaha... Hopefully her hair grows more, and soon! 

Of course, it isn't all about cheery smiles too. There are her moments of anguish, despair, and just plain ol' crying fits.

Daddy & Mummy said compared to both Ayd & me, mei-mei is definitely more emotional and demands much more attention than both of us combined. 


Means she's very whiny lah! Hee hee... 

Erm, don't look at me like that leh... not I make you cry what. :P

Ok lah Ok lah, big kor-kor give a you a big kiss alright? 

Yes, I do adore this little sis of mine very much... 

The first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning is to talk gibberish with her, and whenever she is crying, I will be one of the first to try to calm her down. 

Like I always declare openly - she is the best mei-mei in the whole wide world! :D

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Anonymous said...

mei mei is sooo adorable...

Cheekiemonkies said...

hee hee... thanks! :)

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