Apr 10, 2011

Breakfast in the Wild

During the week-long school holidays in March, we 3 monkies together with our pals, Timo & Beth, decided to wreck havoc at the Zoo.

Well, actually the main motive was to try out the Jungle Breakfast at the Zoo, where we could have our photos taken with orangutans & a snake while enjoying a sumptuous buffet breakfast at the same time!

Di-di & I were so enamored by the snake that we requested to cuddle it THREE times! Hee hee... make our money worth mah. :P

Soon after, the stars of the Jungle Breakfast made their appearance and naturally, all tourists and locals alike wanted to have their photos taken with them.

You know... if we could cuddle the orangutans, I'm sure di-di & I would be the first in line! Hahaha...

Anyway, we had to work off all those calories after breakfast. So what better than to walk around the Zoo and look at the animals at the same time!

Potential models in the making huh?

Well, definitely NOT these 2 below...

We soon found ourselves at Rainforest Kidzworld (abuden right???) where the persuasive powers of 4 kids easily overwhelmed the adults... and this was our reward. Hee.

A ride on the merry-go-round, and also another eagerly anticipated treat.

A pony carriage ride!

We definitely enjoyed ourselves lots on the carriage, maybe 'cos the adults weren't with us? Hahaha...

Then it was time to go catch the Animal Friends Show...

...where we had a blast boogie-ing in the pre-show segment! :D

After the show, we stumbled onto some goats who sounded really hungry...

And a visit to the Zoo would never ever be complete if we kids weren't allowed to run amok in the playground area!

We then paid the rest of the animals a visit before deciding to call it a day.

Definitely an uber fun day, especially with the great company. Now we can't wait for the new River Safari to opne in 2012!

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