Apr 6, 2011

Punggol Promenade Playtime!

2 weekends back, Daddy & Mummy decided to bring all 3 of us monkies down to the quite-new Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk. Wah, quite a mouthful huh... But never mind, as long as it's fun we are always game!

We used to live in Punggol you know, til we moved a few years back so as to be nearer to Ye-ye & Ma-ma. And the last time when we were still living there, this part of Punggol North was still super ulu and undeveloped with just a normal-looking sungei or river  beside it.

And now, look at the great transformation!

And now, the 5-kilometre long public waterfront promenade, situated along the eastern bank of Serangoon Reservoir, joins up further south with the park connectors along Serangoon Reservoir and Punggol Reservoir.

Such a long stretch of walkway can only mean one thing - lots of space for us to scoot around on our skate scooters!!! Hee hee...

Yes yes, there wasn't any doubt that the both of us had a tremendous time whizz-ing along the reservoir.

And in case mei-mei felt left out, she had her own set of wheels too. With a personal chauffeur no less! :P

Things really do move faster when on wheels... I know, abuden right? Hahaha... Obviously Daddy didn't think so 'cos he has to do all the chasing whenever we get too far ahead. Hah!

So we had to spare a thought for him as we took a break from the scooting when we reached the northern end of the walk.

See the bridge behind di-di? That's the bridge linking the mainland to the Lorong Halus Wetland - a biodiversity haven for both flora and fauna alike.

We obviously very much wanted to head over there... but first we had an important thing to do - goofing around for the camera. Hee.

We then made our way across the bridge and over the reservoir...

Formerly part of a landfill, the Lorong Halus Wetland has been converted into an educational site and aims to be a sanctuary for plants, birds and other wildlife.

It was such a serene place that di-di wanted to take yet another rest stop at the pavilion. Hahaha...

Actually, I think it was just another excuse for Daddy to go all gila with his camera. Again.

And being the obedient monkies that we are, we duly complied. :D

And still, no signs of stopping. :P

We did involve the rest of the other family members eventually. Kekekeke....

Ok ok, enough of fooling around.

We continued exploring the Wetland, and came across rows & rows of tall cattail plants.

Which kinda made us jump for joy!

Why? 'Cos we managed to pick up some ripe cattail 'fruits' and gave them a good shake!

And the fluffy seeds were then released into the air!

Very much like snowing hor? Hee hee...

Sometimes, we do find joy in life's simplest things. :)

Needless to say, di-di & I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. And maybe mei-mei too lah, since she was either in her own vehicle or carried all the time.

As for me, I already made my intention to come back again very clear to Daddy & Mummy. :P

And with that, we slowly made our way back to the carpark...

Though our spirits were still high, our tummies were singing a different tune - the song of hunger. And clearly, someone very cleverly placed 3 F&B outlets -  a bistro, a seafood restaurant & fast-food outlet - beside the carpark area.

And no prizes for guessing which outlet we went to.


And the effect of one entire morning of scooting, running, and munching?

THREE very tired cheekiemonkies, that's what! 

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--andy-- said...

Thanks for sharing the "Cattail", we will go hunt for some too :)

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