Apr 14, 2011

Travel Tales #1 - Sunway Lagoon Day 1

During the March school holidays, the usual gang of 5 - Benji, Clara, Sarah, di-di & me - headed up to Sunway Lagoon for a short getaway. Well, technically there are 6 of us now if you include mei-mei but she's still too small to join in the madness lah. Hee.

And so, the 5 of us are more than prepared to unleash our terror on Sunway Lagoon. We could hardly wait!

After a brief stop along the road trip, we finally reached the Sunway Resort ready for our adventure to begin! But alas, our rooms weren't ready yet so we went to grab some lunch first.

And when we returned, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that all our rooms were upgraded for free to the Suites! WAH WAH WAH!

This was the front entrance to our suite - the left being the bedroom, and the right leads to the living room.

Yup, the living room was HUGE!

And naturally, we were all jumping for joy! Hee hee...

Our next exploration destination - the bedroom!

Nice comfy room, with a superb view of the Sunway Lagoon Theme park.

And I think mei-mei's fave part of the holiday was the hotel bed! Hahaha...

After we had enough of fooling around in the rooms, we clamored to be brought to the Sunway Pyramid next door.

It is an absolute shopping haven lor... with dunno-how-many shops but most importantly, it also has a huge indoor amusement park! :P

Well, if the adults are going to get any shopping done, then they did the right thing in letting us kiddos have our share of fun on the many kiddie rides first. Hahaha... at least we wouldn't complain of boredom when the adults go on their shopping spree right??? :P

Play. Shop. Eat.

That was how the rest of our day pretty much unfolded at Sunway Pyramid. Then it was back to the hotel for a nice warm bath.

And a much-needed recharge for the night... all in anticipation for the next day when we descend upon the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park! :D

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