May 3, 2011

Birthday Fun at Fidgets

One of our best pals, Clara, celebrated her 6th Birthday over the long weekend, and she invited us to Fidgets at Turf City for one WHOLE afternoon of fun, madness and non-stop climbing & running!

Di-di & I had been to this indoor playground once, but that was eons ago... and I don't think we have any recollection of that. :P

And especially since Benji & Sarah were present to join in the crazy fun, the 5 of us definitely had loads of fun climbing all the structures, going through the obstacles, whizzing down the slides and wading through the ball pits! :D

Amid ALL the fun that we were having, we almost forgot the reason why we were there for!

HEE HEE... Yup, to celebrate Clara's BIRTHDAY!

And what's a birthday party without a birthday song - sung at the top of all our voices right???

All of us were only too eager to snuff out the candles... but of course the birthday gal has to make her secret wish...

And then, the race to see who can blow out the most number of candles! Hahaha...

A kiss from Mummy Dearest is the best gift that one could possibly have... other than Transformers toys of course. But that's only my personal opinion. :P

And look who were the greedy ones!!!

Thanks for inviting us, Clara... we definitely had lots of FUN!!! :)

And once again, happy BIRTHDAY!!!

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cre8tone said...

Look at their smiles...... Priceless!~ Happy belated birthday!

Cali said...

Pictures looks so lovely

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